I have long been interested in my family roots. Some years ago I traveled to a small town in France (Saint Jean d'Angely, Saintes, Saintonge) from which my people emigrated to the New World in 1640. I assumed that Michel Niquet (1620-1666) was a French Huguenot fleeing persecution. Instead, I found that he left a Catholic village (the abbey and cathedral dating to his life time were still standing). Only then did it dawn on me that he first settled in Quebec, another Catholic stronghold. I don't know why he left France, and still don't, but was intrigued by the mystery. By chance I discovered Ron Niquette (Rising Moon Genealogical Services). Our data complemented each others and Ron gave me a fairly complete Niquette genealogy going back to A.D. 800s. Since then I have pressed family members to allow me to be the "keeper of the family records." This family web site is a labor of love and is intended to share with all of whom I share roots. If errors are detected, please let me know. Moreover, if any of you have letters, documents, other photographs that may complement the site, I am very much interested in seeing what you have.

Thank you,

Chuck Niquette
April 2009

Venant Niquette and his family

Front row (from left):
Hebe Marian Niquette
Venant Niquette
Eliza Jane Mudge Niquette
Jennie E. Niquette

Back row:
Edward Faulkner Niquette
Charles Mudge Niquette
Venas Ernest Niquette
Willis LaSalle Niquette

Niquette Family Tree

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Eliza Jane Mudge

Edward Jones

Issac Thompson

Sara Barker



Konrad Altwegg

Konrad Altwegg

Katherina Kreis

Rosetta Keller

Peter Keller

Anna Mueller Buehler

Laura Louise Gfeller

Anna Maria Moser

Rosa Lehman